About Me

Welcome fellow spiritual seeker! I too have longed for answers to life’s deeper questions. As a deeply conscious child I could see and feel the energies of those alive and passed all around me. I experienced waves of spiritual bliss and beauty, and felt the pain and tension in the environment I inhabited. I could perceive the unseen world and it seemed to me to be a great puzzle. A puzzle thats ability to solve was being sent in symbols from those with a better vantage point. Ascended Masters and Archangels aided and guided me.  It did not take long to realize this made me different somehow. I hid my abilities in shame and fear of being an outcast.

My Early Life

I spent my early life looking for sympathetic relationships with the world. I grew and found my puzzle piece in this world as a healer. I studied Health and Wellness and became certified in Ayurvedic Massage therapy,  Past Life Regression, Reiki, Yoga, Polarity, Sound healing and Nutrition. No matter the healing modality the universe guided me back repeatedly to acting as a clairvoyant and clairsentient conduit.  I saw myself as a tuning fork or antenna. I started to realize that I, in truth, was not really different, just consciously experiencing vibrational resonance. If we are all molecules, and everything to my understanding is molecules in vibration, then it seemed to me that being a human tuning fork was just simply being a healer or wayshower. 

Through Past Life Regression I learned of many lifetimes on Earth in the Ancient Mystery Schools of the Essenes and the Temple Oracles of Karnak; of our greater Galactic story and the beauty of The One Monad we all are . In slowly  accepting the tapestry of All that we are I accepted myself. 


Twenty years training in healing modalities have all been about one thing in the end; Attunement. The natural desire to be in harmony, accord and ultimately unity. I have watched always in awe as the higher guidance of The Universe has shifted a soul’s experience here. I am always moved with immense gratitude and honor to those that allow me to act as their bridge. Honestly I am an ever present infant relearning that the journey is always from the self back to self. That ALL Energy is pulsing at the same rhythm of our own hearts and that all hearts are connected as the One Universal Heart.


As we connect more into a culture of heart centeredness we naturally shed desires, agendas and competition with others. This inevitably allows for release of stress and dis-ease. We can stand in a place of service for we understand that by honoring another personality we are also honoring ourselves.  As we attune to the higher Cosmic Heart we can truly be a tuning fork for the nearest particle.  That we are all here to tap into the vibration, find our note and sing it into beingness. 

I felt this influence as a small child consciously. I opened to it. I allowed it to expand my small world; to flow through me. I believe that is why I am and can act as a bridge for those willing. That those willing will step froward in their time as healers. I believe that attunement to the Cosmic Heart through the aid of many of its frequencies with the use of vibrational presence, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, gongs and conscious touch can reawaken the heart in each resurrecting the One Heart in All. The Center of Presence.