About Me

I am a mother, a spiritual teacher and a student of four very cool children. They keep me honest, humble and in continuous wonder of the world we experience daily. Professionally I am a Certified Holistic Healer. I began that journey in 1999 when I found Ayurvedic Medicine and Indigenous Earth Medicines studying with traditional Elders. I trained and certified in Massage Therapy, Tui Na, Polarity Bioenergy Therapy and Reiki 1-4 completing in 2002. In 2012 I was certified in Wellness and Nutrition Coaching and Doula Studies. In 2017 I certified in Past Life and Cosmic Regression and in 2022 Introspective Hypnosis. I honor what each has taught me, but they are itemized experiences that lead me to a deeper understanding of who I am and how I help others in their journey. I am a mother and a healer, but my medicine is expressed in my soul truth and my experiences, not my certifications.

My Early Life
I can still remember as a small child playing alone in my backyard, which consisted of 5 acres of open land abutting cranberry fields. Visiting a neighbor required getting in the car. While aimlessly playing in that open land I would in the silence hear something I could not explain. It seemed to be the sound of nature, but not in nature; a vibration or a hum. I called it the sound of bliss. A deeply aware child I could not only hear this beauty, but feel pain and tension in the people around me. I could perceive the unseen world and it seemed to terrify the adults who cared for me. I was raised in a religious cult atmosphere with very strict rules prohibiting outside contact with nonmembers. It did not take long to realize these abilities to perceive the subtle world made me different somehow. I spent my early life looking for a sympathetic relationship with the world. This led to many challenging catalystic lessons in growth and expansion, the hard way. 

It was not till I began to accept myself that the current of synchronism took me to those who could mentor and support my journey to self understanding. Gifted with a support team in the outer world I could finally stop resisting the support team I had in the subtle world. In my early adolescent years that team burst upon the stage showing me so much more than my developing young adult mind could comprehend. All however was training me toward a soul plan I did not remember writing. Each step I encountered was through acceptance. The less I sought validation the more I remembered of my soul. My incarnations on Earth and beyond. My light signature that was unique needed only my acceptance.


Twenty years training in healing modalities have all been about one thing in the end; Attunement. The natural desire to be in harmony, accord and ultimately unity. I have watched always in awe as the higher guidance of The Universe has shifted a soul’s experience here. I am always moved with immense gratitude and honor to those that allow me to act as their bridge. Honestly I am an ever present infant relearning that the journey is always from the self back to self. That ALL Energy is pulsing at the same rhythm of our own hearts and that all hearts are connected as the One Universal Heart.

Center of Presence

This name was given by my guides to express heart centered awareness. As we connect more into a culture of heart centeredness we naturally shed desires, agendas and competition with others. This inevitably allows for release of stress and dis-ease. We can stand in a place of service for we understand that by honoring another personality we are also honoring ourselves.  As we attune to the higher Cosmic Heart we can truly be a tuning fork for the nearest particle.  That we are all here to tap into the vibration, find our note and sing it into beingness. 

I felt this influence as a small child consciously. I opened to it. I allowed it to expand my small world; to flow through me. I believe that is why I am and can act as a bridge for those willing. That those willing will step froward in their time as healers. I believe that attunement to the Cosmic Heart through the aid of many of its frequencies with the use of vibrational presence, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, gongs and conscious touch can reawaken the heart in each resurrecting the One Heart in All. The Center of Presence.