Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an intuitively guided session with Leanne Aaliyah you are stating that you have fully read, understood and agree with all statements within this disclaimer.*

Leanne Aaliyah is an intuitive guide and a holistic healer. By purchasing a session you are acknowledging your full responsibility and discernment in your capacity to engage in such sessions. Intuitive guidance in no way can be construed as medical, psychological, legal or financial information nor replaces said information by trained professionals. Leanne Aaliyah is certified in holistic healing and complementary tools and is in no way a mental health or medical health professional. All information is spiritually guided and to be used with your discernment and full responsibility. It is imperative [to the work of Leanne Aaliyah] that all clients acknowledge their self-awareness including self-responsibility and self-actualization; only then will you experience being in your highest “self”.

*Purchasing a session with Leanne Aaliyah is a statement of personal agreement for this Disclaimer.