Healing Journey


Each Healing Journey session combines claircognition, shamanic medicine practices and holistic techniques and will take 2 hours to complete.

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My twenty plus years journey as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner has led me to many different useful modalities. I honor what each technique has trained me to provide and I utilize this knowledge in all sessions. I was also born consciously aware and able to perceive the natural beauty and subtle connectivity of the building blocks of energy. As a conduit of the subtle realms I open to the eternal presence within all life and act as a bridge or transmitter to midwife the tools you can utilize in your healing experience. I am only a healer because you are ready and willing to heal. If your DNA is ready to evolve, it is you who are evolving. A midwife holds space for a mother to deliver. You are your deliverer; I am your sacred space holder and witness. It is my deepest honor to be invited into your healing journey.


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