Unlock Your Inner Truth!

The Path of Illuminated Self-Realization Awaits

The Key you seek, has always been there. Like Dorothy’s slippers, You have held the power all along. The pathway home is the embodiment of authentic truth. The journey is self-realization. Your steps are assured. The doors are open to you. Trust and walk forward in certainty.


I am happy to use skills learned as a Certified Integrative Health Coach and ordained minister joined with intuitive conduit gifts to help navigate your questions.  As a child born remembering her soul and struggling to understand my place in a dense world, I am deeply drawn to being of service to those who recognize their own light, but whom may need encouragment finding understanding and self love.

Individual, group, and package sessions available.

From: $100.00

Oracle Guidance

I believe we are all channels for divine information, through many "sparks" of inspired clarity. When we forget that connection there may be need to seek the guidance of an Oracle. Born a conduit of the spiritual realms, I am able to bring through guidance from your "Book of Life". Referred to as trance channeling, I release my ego personality to reconnect into the higher eternal wisdom. I experience what I call the "Cosmic Womb" or Egg. From this "womb", information emerges that can take the form of past or parallel lives, Masters, Angels, Star families and star (light) language. Energy translated into information for you. It is my deepest honor and most humbling experience to be a voice for the blissful love that you are.


Holistic Remote Energy Healing and Regression

My twenty year journey as a Certified Holistic Practitioner has led me to learn many different and useful modalities such as Reiki, Polarity energy-bodywork, Ayurveda, Sound therapy and Past-life regression, etc... I bring through the modality needed as well as channeled guidance from galactic and cosmic angelic healers and helpers to form the most lovingly guided healing session for each individual. Incorporating regression hypnosis techniques can increase the healing experience of your multi-dimensional self.


Key Code Activation

Using coherent resonance entrainment and channeled guided techniques received from an Ascension Team Collective, I hold sacred space to help you attune to embodiment of higher energies. No one outside of yourself can truly state they have the ability to activate your higher states of consciousness, for only you can choose to step forward in your love and light. However, at a point or level of awareness one may act as a mirror. I have been gifted a way of showing you where you may be resisting the flow of your eternal light/love and creation source "prana".  Allow me to bring you to the gateway so that you may choose to step through. You are truly the One you have been waiting for!

This Service requires two separate sessions, two weeks apart.