Unlock Your Inner Truth!

The Path of Illuminated Self-Realization Awaits

The Key you seek, has always been there. Like Dorothy’s slippers, You have held the power all along. The pathway home is the embodiment of authentic truth. The journey is self-realization. Your steps are assured. The doors are open to you. Trust and walk forward in certainty.


A mentor is one who guides or gives council. In Frank Baum's soul exploration novels, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, no one, not the wise witches good or green, nor the elder Wizard could tell Dorothy how to get home. They each could only point to her shoes and the golden path she must take. The Matrix Oracle could not tell Neo he was The One. A mentoring session is a co-created intentional space that facilitates and promotes recognition of the illusions, patterns or stories that create misalignments with your soul's truth. We will work together to identify the patterns that no longer serve your gifts. Then see the connections that are needed to fortify individually appropriate strategies to achieve your goals.

This is not a psychic precognitive reading. Your future self is your own manifestation living in a field of quantum potential of the choices you create from this now-moment. This session is about connecting to your  truth and peeling back the illusions that hold us from seeing it with clarity.

The very first Mentoring session includes a soul signature reading and takes about 2 hours. Follow up sessions are 1 hour each and are a motivational coaching format. Each priced accordingly.

From: $122.00

Presence Hypnosis

You are an eternal, ineffable soul on a journey of experience in an ever expanding universe. It is my great pleasure to facilitate deeper understanding and awareness of your personal journey. Hypnosis is a door that opens the subconscious and allows that deeper understanding.

I am a certified practitioner in Past Life Regression, Cosmic Regression and Introspective Hypnosis, which is based on Aurelio Mejía's method. Introspective Hypnotherapy can be used to treat various psychosomatic behaviors and symptoms. Hypnosis helps people journey in search of the origin of these behaviors and symptoms. Transpersonal hypnosis is a form of quantum healing, which explores the relationship between energy consciousness and biology.

Explore your inner YOUniverse!

Introduction to Presence Hypnosis

Each session takes about 2 hours.


Healing Journey

My twenty plus years journey as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner has led me to many different useful modalities. I honor what each technique has trained me to provide and I utilize this knowledge in all sessions. I was also born consciously aware and able to perceive the natural beauty and subtle connectivity of the building blocks of energy. As a conduit of the subtle realms I open to the eternal presence within all life and act as a bridge or transmitter to midwife the tools you can utilize in your healing experience. I am only a healer because you are ready and willing to heal. If your DNA is ready to evolve, it is you who are evolving. A midwife holds space for a mother to deliver. You are your deliverer; I am your sacred space holder and witness. It is my deepest honor to be invited into your healing journey.

Each Healing Journey session combines claircognition, shamanic medicine practices and holistic techniques.

Introduction to Healing Journey

Each session takes about 2 hours.


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How Do Sessions Work?

I use Zoom by default for all sessions provided, however, I fully understand that there are several other technologies that people might prefer to use instead of zoom, so I am open to accommodating your preferred method of communication. You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of our scheduled session that will contain the Zoom meeting invitation details. If you prefer a different method of meeting, please email (leanne.aaliyah@centerofpresence.com) me ahead of time to let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

Leanne Aaliyah